New writing plans to help you make progress with your novel

Story Planner offers the largest collection of novel planning templates online, and we’ve added ten new planning methods. We hope there’s something for everyone. Here’s what’s new.

Non-fiction book proposal.  This plan creates a perfectly designed proposal to pitch a book to an agent or publisher. If you have an idea for a non-fiction book this template will guide you to outline the project. Try it here.

‘Sixty seconds until the bus gets here!’ synopsis. Outline your book with this super-speedy method. Sometimes we know too much about our story and this plan helps to avoid the detail and concentrate on the broader story. Try this fast outlining method here.

1-page synopsis template. You only need 7 paragraphs to impress an agent or publisher with a great synopsis. This plan helps you define your story’s key points to write a perfect 1-page synopsis. Try writing your synopsis here.


Start with the end plan. This plan is great for brainstorming new ideas. A compelling story finale is essential to any fiction. Start with the end and work backwards. Write your story (backwards!) here.


The Magnificent 7 Plot Points is a great way to define plot for screenwriters, but it works very well for novel plot too. This plan helps you define the back story, catalyst, crisis and other key elements of your character’s journey. Try it here.


Plans based on popular books. We’ve also added four new plans based on popular writing guides. Try K.M Weiland’s structure, Martha Alderson’s Plot Whisperer method,  James Scott Bell’s Super Structure, or John Yorke’s ‘Out of the Woods’ five act structure. These plans are perfect if you admire these writing experts work, or if you want to try one of these proven planning methods.


 Why not try one of our new plans and see if they help you make progress with your novel? Please get in touch if you have ideas for more plans to add to the site, we’re always looking for new story plans. We hope you find Story Planner’s writing tools useful.