How to keep busy writing in difficult times

Story planning while in lock down

If there are any saving graces to being stuck at home right now, it is time to write. Even better if doing so provides a small distraction from the problems of the world…

It’s our hope that you’re finding Story Planner to be a useful helper in these difficult times.  

But with many new members I thought it might be worth reminding everyone about some of the many features you can use.

I’ve highlighted a few here.

Sometimes I find switching on working from one to another can serve as a break. Which helps with my motivation! But see if switching to any of these helps you in the same way.

Things like…

Bring your characters to life: Use the character plans to make real and believable characters for your story. Each of them will help you dig deeper into their background or create believable characters in just a couple of sentences.

Get your story Agent-ready: Our synopsis and outline plans will help you tell your entire story in a single page – perfect for when the time comes to pitch your novel to an agent. You can even find the perfect elevator pitch with log lines to boil it down to a line or two.

Get your chapters just right: You’ll find a selection of chapter plans on Story Planner. Each is designed to help organise your chapters and scenes, and keep your story focused.

Find your ideal story location: Our settings plans help you discover the best place to set your story. That goes for whether you’re building your own science fiction world, or you want to bring your story alive practicing descriptions of key locations.

Prepare your story for the screen: If you’re writing a screenplay rather than a novel, our Screenplay plans provide help in the same way. There are nine screen writing plans to choose from. Everyone from ten-minute plot point help, to more in-depth studies.

I hope writing offers some solace during these difficult times, and a useful distraction from the news headlines. But don’t be too hard on yourself if your usual writing routine is a bit disjointed right now.

In the meantime, if there’s any way we can help with your writing, or if you just want to say hello, I hope you’ll drop me a line.

Best wishes from the UK.